Armrest / Console

This is the factory console (# PT266-42961-03) from the ICE Rav. Fits perfectly in the EV. I am not fond of the ill-fitting and rattle-prone plastic cup holder/CD insert, so I have removed mine. You lose the handy between-the-seats cup holders, and the one inside the box is all but useless since you can't close the lid! But, I like the arm rest enough to make it worthwhile. By removing the insert, another cup holder is available that is deeper. And I have since added cup holders to the front anyway. The console matches the interior perfectly. (except for the scuffs in this picture caused by tiny, dusty footprints of the ever-helpful daughter).

Inside.  I have since removed and tossed that CD/change insert.  You about double the volume of storage without the insert.  And my insert was rattling and driving me nuts.  With the front cup holders, there is no need for the interior bottle holder.

My console has a cup holder on the rear. For some reason not all of these had that feature.

Added 11.14.2003: The next part of this project was to add an always-hot 12V outlet to the front of the box (mostly for use with my GPS unit).

Inside shows the back of the sealed 12V outlet that I used for this installation.

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