Rav4EV Modifications

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Please note: Performing any of these modifications will likely kill you and render your car inoperable and void international warranties that don't even exist. You'll probably even be fined. If you managed to get off with just a debilitating injury, consider yourself lucky. You have been warned, and I am hereby not responsible for you, your children, your wife or your dog.

LED lighting modifications:
LED Front Map Light Conversion - V1
LED Front Map Light Conversion - V2
LED Rear Dome Light Conversion - V1
LED Rear Dome Light Conversion - V2
LED High Brake Light Conversion
Dash LED conversion (added 06.12.05)
LED Flasher (Not complete)
Rav bulb list
Interior Modifications:
Armrest/Console - V2 (12V outlet added)
Rav4INFO - Palm Device - Mounting
Front Cup Holder and switch relocation
Wheelskin Steering wheel Cover (14 1/4" x 3 7/8" Charcoal)
Convex Rear-view Mirror
Garmin StreetPilot 2610 GPS (inc. SP III)
Cruise Control
Driver Seat Adjustable Lumbar Support
Snow Mode switch (added 08.30.07)
Door Fabric Adhesion (added 12.04.07)
iPod music and bluetooth phone through factory radio (added 06.28.09) submitted by Chad S.
Exterior Modifications:
Magnetic Quarter Vent Louvers
Improved Vent Screens (added 03.30.06)
Charge Port Door Magnet
Reflective Lettering (added 05.04)
Spare Tire flip (added 03.05)
Yakima Tracks and Racks (added 06.05)
Bumper Hitch & Utility Trailer
Custom Marcos Hitch
SportsRig Trailer (general info) (added 08.06)
Keyless Entry
Lock Chirp (added 08.14.05)
Horn swap (added 10.31.05)
Antenna tie-down (added 12.04.05)

Charge Port Fan Replacement and Guard Removal (added 09.01.05 - will be updated with replacement)

Factory Roof Racks
Manzanita PFC50 Charger (added 06.20.07 - thanks to the NJ Rav'ers!)
Rear AirLift Suspension (added 12.04.07)
Service Items (yeah, not really modifications):
New Brake Pads (added 02.08)
Motor Coolant Replacement (added 09.08.07 - thanks to Marcos)
New Aux Battery (added 02.02.08)
Input Capacitor Replacement (added 02.10.09)
Interior Vent Fan Noise (added 04.22.09)
Battery Bug install (added 06.01.09 - not quite done!)
Aux Battery Maintainer (added 05.09.10)
Rear Shocks (updated 10.27.13)

What should be improved on this car... you know... if there were a follow-on version. In no particular order:

  • More robust input capacitor
  • More robust "deep cycle" aux battery, coupled with a less-finicky computer
  • Charge the Aux battery better.
  • Add auto jump button so you can jump the Aux with the traction pack if needed
  • Lose the charge port door solenoid release
  • Add an interlock that will not allow the car out of Park when the paddle is inserted. Hello! Really?
  • Make the battery vent filters serviceable
  • Put cooling air into the pack at multiple locations instead of just the back
  • Allow "forced air" cooling of the pack when in motion
  • Allow HVAC usage while charging the car. Charging will be slower, but who cares?
  • Use more standard size LRR tires
  • 120V charge option
  • Conductive charge!

Mini FAQ: Are you nuts? Doesn't modifying your expensive, irreplaceable vehicle void your warranty?
A: No fair, that's two questions. Modifying any vehicle does NOT automatically void your warranty, though I hear this all the time. Check the Federal Trade Commission website. the Magnuson-Moss Act is what answers this question. A car maker can refuse to repair under warranty any item found to have been damaged by "aftermarket" products or repairs, but they cannot void the warranty just because you had work done by "non-Toyota" people or have aftermarket products installed. If they cannot prove that an item or repair caused the damage, they remain obligated to their warranty. An example: I add a Manzanita conductive charger, and the next week my steering pump fails. That steering pump is still covered, though I've quite obviously modified the vehicle in important ways.

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